Police identify the woman found dead in a wooded area in Delmar


DELMAR, NY (WRGB) Bethlehem police say they have identified the remains found in A wooded area in Delmar Saturday.

Police say the body was 70 year old Ruth Talmon of Schenectady County.

Police say hunters came across the decomposed body, on a hill behind 55 Delaware avenue.

They also say they can rule out foul play.

They say Talmon was last seen late September in Delmar, Bethlehem and Albany, and say she is known for walking- that it might have been her mode of transportation.

They say she wasn't homeless, and lived alone in the capital district- they wouldn't give a specific location.

Earlier Monday, investigators today from Bethlehem Police , New York State Police, and the New York State Forest Rangers combed six point five acres around where the body was found.

They say they didn't find any I-d on her, but were able to determine who she was based off of investigating leads.

Police have ruled out homicide and suicide, but can't say exactly how she died.

"We can't say at this time due to the condition whether it's elements, natural causes or a combination, there of. So it's difficult if not impossible to label either one of those exactly But we can not rule those two out," said Commander Adam Hornick.

They say Talmon wasn't reported missing , and that she does have family here in the capital region, as well as outside of the area.

DELMAR, NY (WRGB) An autopsy is expected Monday after decomposed remains of a body was found Saturday in a wooded area in Delmar.

Bethlehem police say a hunter found the remains Saturday afternoon behind Hoffman Car wash at 55 Delaware Avenue.

It's an area on a hill by the Normans Kill, where there are hiking trails.

The remains were found within this area where the yellow tape is.

On Monday, investigators are still looking for evidence here along the Normans Kill.

Bethlehem Police, New York State Police, and New York State Forest Rangers are all out working together, as well as the Albany County DA's Office.

Adam Hornick, Commander of the Town of Bethlehem Police department says the call came around 4:20 Saturday afternoon, saying that a hunter in this area located skeletal remains.

Commander Hornick says at this point they believe they've located the remains of a badly composed human being.

Commander Adam Hornick, “At this time we are reviewing all open missing persons investigations and reaching out for other leads.”

He says it's too early to determine race, gender and age are all too early to determine, according to police.

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