5 people found dead after house fire in Berkshire County


    SHEFFIELD, Mass. (WRGB) -- "You never think something like this is going to happen, especially in a little community like ours," said Deb Segalla, a Sheffield resident.

    Five people found dead today have rocked the otherwise quiet town of Sheffield nestled in southern Berkshire County.

    "It's just too small of a town for this to happen," Segalla said.

    Officials say call for the fire came in just before 8 Wednesday morning at 1343 Home Road.

    They say the first victim was found during an initial search, and then four more victims were discovered.

    The names of the victims haven't been released yet, but residents say this is the kind of community where everybody knows everybody.

    "People are going to know people, who know people, and it's awful," said Sheffield resident Anne Smith.

    "I'm sure everybody's going to be affected," added Segalla.

    Residents say it's the type of tragedy that makes you want to hold your loved ones tightly.

    "You just hold them close, it's all you can do. You think why? You know, why did this have to happen?" said Segalla.

    They say their close community will stick together during this horrific time, and will do anything to help friends and family who are affected.

    "They'll pull together, they'll help the family, they'll do everything they can. That's the best part of being in a small town, everybody backs each other up," Smith said.

    Officials have not released the causes of death for the 5 victims.

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