Bernie Sanders fan selling cookies for his campaign

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HUDSON--A loyal Bernie Sanders fan has gone the extra yard in supporting his campaign.

Trixie Starr of Hudson is baking cookies of Bernie's face and selling them to the community to raise money for him.

"The cookies here in Hudson are baked by a drag queen with love," Trixie Starr said.

She bakes cookies for about half a dozen coffee shops in the Hudson area, but this is her first political venture.

"If I have to put on a wig, a dress, make up and bake cookies for Bernie, then I will put on a wig, dress, and make up and bake cookies for Bernie," Trixie said.

She's had a good run so far.

"I sold out my very first batch in less than 5 minutes," Trixie said.

Her cookies sell for $2 and all the proceeds go directly to the Bernie Sanders campaign. She's also considered making Hillary Clinton cookies.

"Well I tried to do a Hillary cookie," Trixie said. "I ordered the cookie cutter, but then they told me they lost the email."

If Bernie's cookie is any indication of what Hilary's will be like to make, it's the hair that will pose the biggest challenge."

"The hardest part used to be doing his hair, although I've learned that if I do it messy it's even better," Trixie said.

If you're interested in buying the cookies you can order online here.

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