Glenmont man pulled over by possible fake cop speaks out


BETHLEHEM, N.Y. (WRGB) - A Glenmont man, who wants to be known only as Steven, says he was driving alone Friday night on Route 9W when warning lights flashed in his rear view mirror.

"I saw this red and blue light come out of nowhere and they pulled me over and stated he was a State Trooper," Steven said.

He says the man told him he had a blown taillight.

But Steven says he was immediately skeptical, because he says the man's car was unmarked, his gun looked fake, and he wasn't dressed like a trooper.

"He didn't have the right uniform. He had black pants on and a dark navy blue shirt. He had a bullet proof vest but it looked like it was from Walmart or a costume," said Steven.

Steven says he tried to confirm the man's identity.

"I asked for his badge number 3 times and he denied it. I asked for his sergeant's number and he denied it

He says when he kept pressing the man, he eventually got back in his car and drove away.

Steven reported the incident to Bethlehem police.

They are now reminding drivers that it is legal for unmarked police cars to conduct traffic stops in New York.

However, they also say officers in unmarked cars are trained to stop drivers in well lit, populated areas and to properly identify themselves by displaying credentials.

Police say they will also often call for a marked car to also show up at the traffic stop.

None of that happened in this case, and Steven say he's glad he trusted his gut feeling.

"It's pretty crazy because if someone didn't know what they actually look like they could have been hurt. Don't know how bad it could've been, but luckily I knew what they look like and how they act and stuff like that," said Steven.

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