Bethlehem Schools mourning loss of teacher to cancer

ethlehem Schools mourning loss of teacher to cancer (Photo: Bethlehem School District)

BETHLEHEM, NY (WRGB) The community at the Bethlehem School district is mourning the loss of a beloved elementary school teacher who passed away after fighting an aggressive brain tumor.

Chris Porter, a 20 year employee of the district taught 5th grade at the Glenmont Elementary School and recently at the Eagle Elementary School.

“Mrs. Porter’s dedication and her love of children made Bethlehem a better place,” said Superintendent of Schools Jody Monroe. “She had a way of making her students feel special and they have carried that with them as they have grown. She had the same effect on her colleagues, no matter where she went. Chris Porter has left an indelible imprint on this community but to lose her in this way is difficult.

“When you work with someone as special as Chris Porter, you know that her impact is far-reaching,” said Eagle Principal Dianna Reagan. “She not only motivated her students to tackle middle school with their heads held high but so many credit her with their success in college and beyond. It was not surprising to hear that our beloved Mrs. Porter inspired several of her former students to become teachers themselves.”

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