BH-BL substitute school bus monitor accused of threatening kids


GLENVILLE, N.Y. (WRGB) - John Jankowy was arraigned in Glenville town court on Wednesday, charged with endangering the welfare of a child.

Police say the Burnt Hills-Ballston Lake substitute school bus monitor threatened several students on a Pashley Elementary School bus, saying he would shoot them and haunt them.

Glenville Police Chief Steve Janink says the 73-year-old Jankowy is not a violent person and that this was simply said out of frustration.

Janik says Jankowy once worked for the department as a maintenance worker. But he says the nature of what he said couldn't be taken lightly.

Glenville town court paperwork quotes Jankowy as saying, “I give up. I’m just gonna shoot you guys. That’s all. I just live over here. I know you guys. I’m just going to haunt you.”

The court documents say he said that to four children.

"In this matter, it was just a poor decision. Knowing what we know of Mr. Jankowy, we feel very confident that this is more that something that he said out of frustration. And that his intentions were probably not even close to what he said,” Janik said.

Police say Jankowy was cooperative while being questioned. Police also say there isn’t any immediate threat to the public.

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