Fraternal twin brother of limo driver killed in Schoharie crash speaks to CBS 6


SCHOHARIE, N.Y (WRGB) - The limo driver was one of the 20 people who died in the crash.

He's been identified by a family member as 53-year-old Scott Lisinicchia.

Scott lived in Lake George and has a fraternal twin brother who lives in Connecticut.

CBS 6’s Anne McCloy spoke to his twin brother over the phone.

“You just don't expect to lose your twin brother,” he said.

Keith Lisinicchia says he and his twin Scott were born just five minutes apart.

He says he got the call Scott was killed the day of the limo crash. Now, he's planning his twin brother's funeral.

“He’s just very easy going, always thinking of the other person, hard working,” Lisinicchia said of Scott.

Keith tells me Scott took his job as a driver very seriously. He says Scott had driven tractor trailers and dump trucks in the past and would drive for the limousine company periodically when they needed help.

“I just know that he was probably just doing his job and trying to get the people to where they're supposed to go, and taking whatever car that was given to him. I know that he always kept his license up, I mean it was a CDL license. I know that he always made sure that it was valid and was in order,” Lisinicchia said.

In addition to the governor announcing the limo owned by Prestige Limousine had failed a NYSDOT inspection just last month, DOT records show the company had been inspected five times in the past five years and had four vehicles taken out of service.

“You would think the cars should all be in, should all licensed, they should all have insurance, you would think a limo company would have all that in check.”

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