Business owner threatened after fatal Schoharie limo crash


In the wake of the horrific Schoharie limo crash, many have directed their anger at Prestige Limousine.

But that has caused problems. Another car company that also goes by the same name is now receiving death threats.

The owner of Prestige Car Service says he's losing business and he's had to completely shut off his website to protect himself and his employees.

He played some voicemail messages for CBS 6. Many of them contained explicit language.

“I spoke to a couple people and then they hang up on me immediately as soon as I said we are a different company. Then some people didn't even give me an opportunity to explain myself and clear my name,” said Johnny Harbi. “They were just basically cursing and saying terrible words that I don't want to hear.”

Harbi comes from Iraq. He says he came to America to have a better life. He's had his business for 40 years but now he doesn't know what the future will bring.

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