Cadillac reported stolen from Lansingburgh repair shop, located according to owners


PITTSTOWN, N.Y. (WRGB) - Wednesday morning, Sharon Perreault dropped her husband Robert off at Fitzgerald's Automotive in Lansingburgh to pick up their black Cadillac.

"I'm at work and he texts me and says, 'They can't find our car!'" Sharon said.

She thought he was kidding.

"He's a jokester so I'm like, 'Really? Come on, babe.'"

But Robert was serious.

Their car was gone.

The Perreaults say they had brought it to Fitzgerald's a month ago, after a mouse ate away the electrical harness.

Troy police say it appears the thief had the keys to the Cadillac, and they were captured on surveillance video.

"You can't really make out who it is, just that he is a taller, white, older gentleman. I mean, this guy seemed like he knew what he was doing. He wasn't looking around, he bee-lined right there," Robert said.

Sharon says she's worried that now the thief has their personal information that was stored in the glove compartment

"They know where we live, you know? And that's scary for me," she said.

But the Perreaults are still trying to stay positive.

"You know, it's not life threatening, it wasn't an accident, no one is injured, but, for lack of better words, it does kind of suck." Sharon said.

On Friday the couple reported that the vehicle was located in Scotia and was being transported to Troy. We are working to learn more.

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