Calls growing for hearings on Hoosick Falls crisis

ALBANY--With PFOA blood tests arriving n mailboxes in Hoosick Falls, the calls are growing louder for state hearings into how and why the water crisis grew to where it is now.

On Tuesday, one of those Senators called Hoosick Falls the number one environmental issue in the state.

Now that people there and in Petersburgh are learning that they have PFOA levels in some cases hundreds of times higher than the average American, some are wondering why is there no action from the third floor of the State Capitol.

Others why there are no hearings from the lawmakers who are meant to look out for the people of New York.

Tom O'Mara is the chairman of the environmental conservation committee.

Senator O'Mara says he wants to work with the health committee chair, but the Assembly leadership has made it clear it's not holding hearings anytime soon.

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