Capital Region authorities react to California bar shooting


ALBANY, N.Y. (WRGB) - "It's horrible, especially as a police chief or sheriff, it breaks your heart."

Albany County Sheriff Craig Apple says responding to situations like the shooting at the Thousand Oaks bar is what he and his deputies prepare for.

"That's the job that's what we signed up for. That's what we train for now more than ever," he said.

Apple says training has changed over the years. Authorities used to be ordered to enter dangerous situations with a crew, not alone. But that has since changed.

"Now it's if you get there, get your butt in there, stop the carnage and take that threat out," Apple said.

That's exactly what Sergeant Ron Helus did, running into the California bar to save lives.

"He's the epitome of what we do every day," Apple said. "It breaks your heart to see a 29-year veteran with a few months to go, and his life is taken."

We reached out to a number of local bars about the security measures they take to prevent this from happening - none could speak with us on camera but say they use a number of safety precautions including bouncers, metal detectors, and many cameras that are monitored throughout the night.

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