Capital Region doctor makes hip replacements quick work


ALBANY, N.Y. (WRGB) - 53-year-old Tom Groff is a new man.

"It's like I feel like I'm 30 again!" he said.

Groff used to suffer from arthritis and a hip deformity, and was told he needed a total hip replacement.

But at The Bone and Joint Center in Albany, Groff was told he could be in and out with a brand new hip in the same day.

He says it sounded too good to be true.

"I was a little leery of it."

But Groff says his surgeon, Dr. Jared Roberts, made it happen.

"I walked out and I was in a walker for about 3 days and then I ditched the walker," Groff said.

Dr. Roberts performed the area's first total hip replacement outpatient surgery in a Surgery Center.

"We've come a long way from being in the hospital seven days to leaving within less than seven hours," Dr. Roberts said.

He says he uses a less invasive approach that doesn't cut any of the muscle.

"I think the anterior approach allows patients to get up and move faster, have less pain, have fewer restrictions. The other ways that hips are done, there's restrictions on movement so they can't sometimes bend over 90 degrees, they can't bend over, they can't cross their legs," Dr. Roberts explained.

And with no hospital stay, Dr. Roberts says having the procedure done at a surgery center is much cheaper.

"The cost to do a hip replacement in a surgery center versus a hospital is half," he said.

"And who wants hospital food?" Groff added.

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