Capital Region food pantry helping those impacted by government shutdown


ALBANY, N.Y. (WRGB) - A Capital Region food pantry is offering federal government employees and their families a helping hand as the government shutdown has now hit day 20.

Typically, the food pantries operated by Trinity Alliance of the Capital Region are meant for those in dire need.

Operators say this now includes federal employees who will be without paychecks on Friday. Families are welcomed at the locations on Trinity Place and North Lark Street in Albany.

Those in need can get food, personal care products, household supplies, and other assistance. The pantry director says she cannot believe this is happening.

“No, I cannot," said Clara Sorrell. "I think everyone deserves to get their paycheck. They work Monday through Friday, have families they have to feed, especially their children and anything like that. It's sad. It's really saddening to see this happening now."

Trinity Alliance says families in need can also arrange individual appointments at the non-profit to get help until the government reopens.

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