Capital Region law enforcement get state-of-the-art SWAT training


ORISKANY, N.Y. (WRGB) - This type of training isn't available anywhere else in the state. Real locations, real people and room-by-room clearing.

"One suspect down," says a SWAT officer while conducting a mock raid.

"This is like Disneyland for law enforcement," says Captain John H. Becker of Troy Police.

"You got that door to my right," says a SWAT officer.

This was the second of three day course for the Troy and Colonie police SWAT teams at the state's 1100-acre Preparedness Training Center. The trainers are hands-on during the first day. As the course progresses, they become more hands-off.

"We crawl we learn a little bit and then we walk, a little bit more and then we run. Yesterday they crawled. Today they walked, and tomorrow they're gonna be running. We're gonna be throwing scenarios that they're not used to," says Assistant Director Robert Stallman.

The training staff took part in close quarter tactics in hallways and stairways, with trainers expecting them to check every corner.

"Clear right," says a SWAT officer.

They’re also looking ahead for potential threats that could be looming in front of them.

"Let me see your hands,” says a SWAT officer.

The trainers uses realistic scene setters in their drills, including fog and sounds of screaming. After every run through, they utilize the cameras throughout the facility to pinpoint what they can build on. Minor steps taken towards being prepared for an actual threat.

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