CBA “setting the record straight” on comment made by limo operator’s attorney


Christian Brothers Academy is setting the record straight after the attorney for Nauman Hussain made this statement about his client in a news conference yesterday.

“He's been in the Capital Region since he's been 3-years-old, he played football for CBA, he runs 3 or 4 different businesses, he renovates homes in Saratoga, this guy is you know, as Albany as I am, so my hope is the process takes place and he's out today."

Lee Kindlon, the defense attorney for the 28-year-old limo company operator involved in the Schoharie crash that killed 20 people, said his client had played football for Christian Brothers Academy, a private high school in Colonie.

Today CBA looked into that statement and found Nauman Hussain and his brother Harris only attended CBA for five days, and would not have been eligible to play in a football game.

"Christian Brothers Academy is aware that attorney Lee Kindlon made reference to our school in comments to the media yesterday about the horrific limo accident in which his client was arrested and charged.

Our heartfelt condolences go out to all families and first responders impacted by this tragic accident. We keep them all and the community in our prayers. We wish to set the record straight that Arslan Nauman Hussain and his brother Shahyar Harris Hussain enrolled and attended CBA for only one week beginning on 9/12/05. Their last day was 9/16/05."

CBS 6’s Anne McCloy reached out to Kindlon today after hearing the school's concern about the comment.

Kindlon declined an on-camera interview, but replied to our request for an interview saying:

"I'm not going to get into a thing with CBA. It has no bearing on the criminal case. My family has deep and meaningful ties to the school, if they feel the need to release a statement, I wish them the very best."

Kindlon went onto say, "CBA has an outstanding reputation and has many fine students and alumni."

Attorney Lee Kindlon makes the statement at around 21:28

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