CBS 6 Investigates: Possible risks of liquid nitrogen-infused “Dragon’s Breath” snack


We all remember the fun experiments with liquid nitrogen in science class. Now one candy company is taking that a step further, and it’s taking malls and even the Great New York State Fair by storm.

Dragon’s Breath, or cereal balls dipped in liquid nitrogen, are quite appealing to the young, and the young at heart.

But is this super cool snack safe?

“I don't think we have gotten calls specifically around this,” says poison control specialist Dr. Shan Yin.

Even so, Dr. Yin says that doesn’t mean this new treat doesn’t come without risks.

“Liquid nitrogen is very cool. It could freeze things, and so certainly one could get freeze injuries by sustained contact with liquid nitrogen,” Dr. Yin tells CBS 6.

We spoke to attendees of the Great New York State Fair, where Dragon’s Breath was being sold.

“I don't know. I probably would have looked into a little more before I just bought them but a little bit can't hurt, right?” wondered one customer.

Dr. Yin points out that liquid nitrogen is safe in a number of other products and used in a number of ways, but in this case he says there are a few things to pay attention to that could avoid a visit to the emergency room.

“Prolonged contact could cause essentially frostbite,” says Dr. Yin

Dr. Yin also says look out for what may be leftover once the liquid nitrogen dipped candy is gone.

“There potentially could be some injury associated with it, so you want to be careful make sure there isn't residual liquid nitrogen in the container. They should say it's getting kind of cold, so they should stop and take a break,” Dr. Yin tells CBS 6.

Dr. Yin also says, as with anything frozen, avoid prolonged contact with your tongue , mouth or hands.

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