CBS6 Investigates: Albany Parking Authority issues invalid parking tickets.


ALBANY, NY – As residents react to our CBS 6 Investigation into invalid parking tickets being issued, many officials still refuse to comment.

CBS 6 spoke with several Albany Parking Authority employees who say for a period of several months, invalid parking tickets were issued. The employees say they expressed concerns to their supervisors.

“What you were doing was incorrect and you didn’t listen to them, and this is the end result”, said one employee.

The employees spoke with CBS 6 on condition their identities would be concealed.

According to NY State law, there is certain information needed for a ticket to be legally valid.

A license plate description, license plate type, expiration date of the registration, make or model, and body type of the vehicle are all things required by law on a parking ticket. If one of these things are missing, the law says the ticket is required to be dismissed.

CBS 6 obtained examples of a recently issued valid ticket, and one of the invalid tickets issued several months ago.

“There’s certainly important questions that you’re raising concerning the validity of the tickets being issued,” said Attorney Paul DerOhannesian.

DerOhannesian says the law clearly states all the elements that need to be on a ticket.

“that’s how we know how important these requirements are, it’s not necessarily guessing what will a court say, our state’s highest court has ruled on this.”

Before our initial report, a spokesman for the Albany Parking Authority responded to repeated requests for an interview through a statement:

"The Authority was notified in late August that the ticket format established by a new vendor was missing some technical identifying information. The Authority took action immediately and notified the vendor, who had to develop a new format and reorder ticket paper, and the new ticketing system was finalized in January and has been fully implemented.

Both the City and the Authority took proactive steps to remedy the situation as quickly as possible. During this process, parking violations were enforced as usual.”

CBS 6 also contacted Mayor Kathy Sheehan’s office for a comment. Interim Corporation Counsel Bill Kelly responded in a statement:

“All owners or operators of vehicles who receive parking violations have the opportunity to plead guilty or appeal their citation to the Parking Violations Bureau. Those ticketed may further present their positions or arguments to a member of our Law Department and ultimately before a Court of Law. Opinions or beliefs regarding the sufficiency of a ticket or the merit of one’s claim may be discussed at all stages of the process.”

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