CBS6 Investigates: Concerns over release of attempted kidnapper

CBS6 Investigates: Concerns over release of attempted kidnapper (WRGB)

SARATOGA SPRINGS, NY (WRGB)---"We're saying holy cow he's a bad guy. He's a bad guy who's done a lot of bad things."

Halloween 12 years ago, John Regan terrified residents of Saratoga Springs - and this year, he could be back again.

Lt. Bob Jillson was still serving on the city's police force in 2005 when Regan tried kidnapping a 17-year-old girl in a school parking lot.

Regan tried forcing Lindsey Ferguson into his van with tarp and rope inside.

The cross country star was able to kick and scream to get away.

"You see all these made for TV movies where something horrific like this happens and it's like reality touched base here in Saratoga Springs back then and it makes us aware that we're not immune to things like that," said Lt. Jillson.

The attack in Saratoga Springs happened while Regan was out on bail in a similar case in his home state of Connecticut.

He received concurrent sentences to serve a maximum of 15 years.

But now, Regan is set to be released three years early.

"It's the court system. They don't put him away for life. We have to be prepared as a community to deal with somebody coming out here," Lt. Jillson said.

Once Regan is out, it's possible he'll return to Saratoga Springs.

His release is under the control of New York State Department of Corrections and Community Supervision.

But just the idea of Regan roaming the streets again has residents concerned.

Lt. Jillson says all they can do is look out for one another.

"We can't let ourselves live in fear or continue to be victimized by him. We just have to make sure that we stick together in this time and be cognizant. Watch out for our neighbors, watch out for friends, watch out for our vulnerable, which in the case with Regan was high school kids."

Regan is currently serving time in Clinton Correctional Facility. He's due to be released on October 27th.

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