CDTA bus drivers among those getting red light camera tickets


ALBANY, N.Y. (WRGB) - Drivers running red light cameras in Albany are facing fines, and that includes bus drivers.

According to a story investigated by the Times Union, more than 44,000 tickets have been issued over a two year period.

Albany City Treasurer Darius Shahinfar tells CBS 6 that rental car companies top the list of red light offenders. But he says over two years, they have issued 65 of those tickets to CDTA.

“The biggest offender by far is people who rent cars,” says Shahinfar.

He shows CBS 6 paperwork showing bills paid by CDTA.

“They certainly have gotten their fair share of red light camera tickets but they pay them,” said Shahinfar.

Jaime Watson is Director of Corporate Communications for CDTA.

“65 to us is too many,” says Watson.

She says CDTA pays the ticket, and in turn, the driver pays them back.

“So it is ultimately the operators responsibly if they in fact get that ticket while driving a CDTA bus,” said Watson.

She says a big part of their program Is training, and when a ticket is issued, they are handled in a case by case basis.

“When something like this happens, the operator is then brought back in for remediation training to be given that reminder of the protocol and policies that are in place here at CDTA,” Watson explained.

Watson also says that their buses heavily travel the lights, with buses going through some lights every seven, eight or ten minutes.

Shahinfar says city hasn’t yet made money on tickets, that unless they bring in more than $130,000 a month, the company that installed them at no cost, gets the money.

Albany police tell CBS 6 that since the cameras were installed, they’ve seen fewer accidents.

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