Church security concerns after mass shooting


Places of worship across the country, and in the Capital Region, are talking about security after the shooting in Texas.

Victory Christian Church Pastor Charlie Muller said the church installed a camera system after other recent church shootings. He said that system is one way the church works to keep members safe, by keeping an eye on who is coming in and out and moving through the building. Pastor Muller also said that church leaders and ushers go through biannual training on what to look for and how to react if something were to happen. He said the church will once again review its policies to see if there's more it can do.

"Of course we want to welcome everybody in, but at the same time we need to protect those that are here, that are coming, that are members. I think there's a fine line," said Pastor Muller.

A couple of other churches that CBS6 News spoke with off camera said that it is a balance. They said that security is top of mind, especially when it comes to programs involving children. But they also felt that keeping doors open and welcoming people in is important.

Duane Potter owns Three Rings Protection and Training Services. He said that more and more places of worship are thinking about security and putting some kind of plan in place.

"Maybe 15-20 years ago they didn't think this way. Now a lot of churches and schools across the country are taking on security services," said Potter.

He said those safety measures could range from hired guards to training for church members. He said his company does a number of training programs including workplace violence and active shooter training. He said they also teach people what to look out for. Potter said that includes being aware of possible domestic situations that could spill over. Law enforcement officials are now saying that a domestic situation could have played a role in the Texas shooting.

"It's unfortunate, it really is, but it's different times that we live in and people are a little nervous about active shooters," said Potter.

"You can't let your guard down and right now with all of what's happening our guard is going to be up," said Pastor Muller.

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