City of Troy ticketing and towing illegally parked cars to aid snow removal

City of Troy ticketing and towing illegally parked cars to aid snow removal

TROY (WRGB) – The City of Troy is increasing its parking enforcement efforts to help with snow removal after Wednesday’s storm.

Troy Mayor Patrick Madden released a statement Wednesday about snow cleanup saying in part:

Residents and business owners are asked to observe all posted parking restrictions to assist City crews conducting municipal snow plowing operations. Illegally parked vehicles will be ticketed and towed, both at the owners expense.

The city is referring to “No Parking” signs, posted throughout the city, with different days of the week and/or time restrictions. Example – “No Parking Tuesday or Thursday, 4am – 6am”.

“Troy for many, many years has had designated parking prohibition routes, and over the years it's been used for street cleaning snow removal etc.” Cliff Craft, owner of Kennedy’s Tow, Tune, Tire, said. His company was out all morning Thursday, following the city’s order and towing multiple cars that violated the restrictions.

The city of Troy did NOT issue a Snow Emergency after Wednesday’s storm – which would require all cars to move off the street. But they need those illegally parked cars to move in order to plow all the streets.

“When issues with weather like this come up the city will use those parking prohibitions as an opportunity to get the snow removed without having to declare an emergency and shut down the city, and make all cars get off the street on every street.” Craft said.

Craft says pay extra close attention to the No Parking signs. “I don't want to tow it, and you don't want it towed, so we'll work together it's all good!”

Craft says the minimum payment to get your car back is $125. That price goes up if you're towed during a Snow Emergency. And, you'll get a ticket from the city as well.

For more information on the city’s parking policy go to:

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