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Cleanup effort in Albany aims at reducing crime and violence

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6P SU ASEZ CLEANUP_9_15_2019_6_25_57 PMThumbnail
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Seventy volunteers spent their Sunday in a unique way by cleaning up the streets in Albany.

It's something they believe will help lower crime rates and violence in the city.

Brynn Reynolds, a volunteer with ASEZ, says "According to the Broken Window Theory...there are studies that show overtime crime rates do reduce because when the visible signs of crime are taken away, the criminals are less likely to want to commit a crime."

ASEZ, which stands for 'Save the Earth from A to Z', is an international volunteer group made up of university student members from the World Mission Society Church of God.

They organize and perform various community service activities with a vision to unite students around the world with one heart, and to make the future bright and happy for all 7 billion people in the world by sharing Mother’s love. The Reduce Crime Together movement aspires to establish a safe and peaceful society by reducing crime rates through college student volunteer activities.

Regina Rinaldi, Administrative Law Judge for the Board of Parole, says "Unfortunately crime in the City of Albany is usually in the lower, inner-income areas. We have the youth running free on the street with loaded handguns and then we look at these young people...who are wonderful examples...and if they could just touch one person, we could save these young kids."

Julianna San Filippo, a volunteer with ASEZ, says "So right now...we're just going down this block right here and we're going to be picking up any kind of trash that we see along the way."

All in all, eight streets were cleared of debris throughout the city.

"I'm hoping that what they did today will encourage the homeowners to come out and clean the front of their lawns,” replied Rinaldi.

"Especially as youths and university students...we always have a desire to do something and take action, but we don't know where to start. ASEZ is a group where you can join in and make a difference...even though it seems so small. In the long run...big things start small!" said Filippo.

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In 2018, ASEZ carried out cleanups in more than 7,000 regions around the world.

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