Clifton Park residents vote against controversial land sale

Clifton Park residents vote against controversial land sale (WRGB)

CLIFTON PARK, NY (WRGB)---Clifton Park residents weighed in Tuesday on a controversial proposal that would keep part of Clifton Park forever green, or pass it off in a multi-million dollar development deal.

The votes are in, and officials say the deal to sell the land was voted down 5,442 to 2,323.

This land sale proposal has been a source of controversy for months.

The district says "accusations & misinformation have plagued the campaigns both for and against" the school board's decision to sell 32 acres to developer BBL for $2 million, more than $500,000 above asking price.

BBL would in turn donate half of the land to the town of Clifton Park.

The district called the sale a win-win, but environmental advocates with Friends of Open Space argued that the entire property should be kept in the public domain - and claimed the district showed a lack of transparency throughout the referendum process.

Now, even though the vote did not pass, the land still belongs to the district.

School officials say the board will have the power to decide what to do next.


CLIFTON PARK, NY (WRGB)--People in Clifton Park are at the polls Tuesday, voting to decide the future of a controversial piece of land.

The battle over the space started when the Shenendehowa school board voted to sell it to an Albany developer for $2 million.

It's an idea that's stirred up some controversy with groups that want to protect the land and create a park.

The Shen school board says the developer has agreed to purchase the land for more than it's worth, which will help meet the demand for new schools in Halfmoon.

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