Co-founder pleads guilty in case of alleged Albany sex cult

    Co-founder pleads guilty in alleged New York sex cult case

    NEW YORK (WRGB) -- NXIVM co-founder and former president, Nancy Salzman, pleaded guilty on Wednesday to one count of racketeering conspiracy, involving conspiracy to commit identity theft and conspiracy to alter records for official use.

    Salzman entered the courthouse and spoke to the judge, through tears, saying "I am pleading guilty because I am in fact guilty."

    Salzman says she got involved with NXIVM because she believed it would be helping people, and she told the judge she still believes some good came out of it.

    Salzman says she compromised her principles and did things she shouldn't have within the enterprise but kept telling herself she was doing it for the "greater good." She says she stepped back, and she accepted it was not just wrong, but criminal.

    Salzman cried and apologized to her daughter, also charged, and her parents. She said she was aware of the improper acts being committed, including email hacking against critics of NXIVM, and she admitted to asking others to alter videos of herself teaching classes, editing out sections they did not want to turn over to the court.

    The plea does not come with an agreement with the government to testify against the others. The judge said the maximum jail time is 20 years, but Salzman will likely be sentenced to 2-3.5 years. That sentencing date is July 10th.

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