Cohoes resident, concerned after two off leash dog attacks, months apart


COHOES, NY (WRGB) "I don't feel safe walking the streets..."

After moving to Cohoes in May, Amanda Bennett says she was walking her dog, Gunner, in November when another dog, a pit bull, charged at them.

"I tried to stop the collision , I put my hand out and I tried to swipe, that's when the dog latched onto my hand," Bennett told CBS6.

Bennett had to go to the hospital for her injury. She needed surgery and 13 stitches in her hand from the dog bite.

The court ruled that dog be banned from the city.

Bennett says on Friday, the same thing happened. She says another off-leash pitbull came at Gunner, and the two dogs fought.

"It's just terrifying, if I had my nephew with me, he's three, it could have been him."

The city says police are investigating the latest incident.

"This is a city and we try really hard to have strict laws because the last thing you want is people just walking down the street and getting bit by a dog," Cohoes Mayor Shawn Morse said.

Morse says the city has a leash ordinance that dog owners will be ticketed for if they don't follow.

"People are either responsible and an accident occurs or there are people who are not responsible and either way they're all treated the same."

Morse says the penalty could be putting the vicious dog down, or high costs for insurance and other bills to keep it alive.

"We do have a young lady who has experienced it twice and that's not cohoes proud and that's not what we represent so we'll work really hard to see who's dog it is and we'll deal with it then," the mayor said.

Bennett tells us she grew up with pit bulls and knows they get a bad rap, so she hopes to get a message to dog owners instead.

"The laws are in place for a reason, not only to protect yourself and your animal, but to protect me and my dog because I shouldn't have to be afraid of my wellbeing while walking on the street."

Again, the city is searching for the dog Bennett saw Friday. As for the one involved in the November incident, its owners did confirm that the dog is out of state with other family, and a $100,000 insurance plan was taken out on the dog. The dog owner also paid for Bennett's medical bills.

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