Cold Case : Homicide of Alice Lezan

Cold Case : Homicide of Alice Lezan

CORTLANDT, NY (WRGB) On November 15, 1970 the remain of 15 year old Alice Lezan were found at the bottom of a ravine of Bear Moutain Road in Cortlandt.

State Police say her body was bound with rope and stuffed into a red sleeping bag.

Investigators say the Franklin Township, NJ resident was last seen on September 26, 1969 near a hotel on West 48th Street in New York City.

Police say Lezan was wearing gray and white pants with a purple shirt, and was with a man believed to have tried to lure her into prostitution.

Investigators say that while it was believed that Alice was never a prostitute, other witnesses that were told investigators that the man Alice was seen with said that the teen went home.

In March of 1970, Lezan was first discovered by a boy walking in the woods, but his parents did not believe his story.

The boy returned with friends in November 1970. The boy’s parents then contacted the State Police.

State Police ask if anyone has any information regarding this case, to call 845-677-7300

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