Colonie police release names of driver, pedestrian in crash


COLONIE -- It was a beautiful spring day - the first we've had in a while. A teen taking advantage of the sunshine took her dog for a walk outside.

"And then the vehicle struck her and her dog," said Colonie Police Lt. Ken Pero.

Colonie police say 15 year old Madison Dunlap was seriously injured and her dog was killed on impact.

"This is awful, I mean especially in a neighborhood, I live in the neighborhood, it's terrible," said Antonio Zaccardo.

Zaccardo lives off Albany Street near the accident scene. He says cars are often flying down the road way above the speed limit.

"You know sometimes they're 50-60 mph when it's a 30 mph intersection."

Police have not said whether speed was a factor in the crash. Lt. Pero says the driver, 42 year old Randy Bouley, is the one who alerted authorities.

"He stopped right away, turned his car around, and called 911 immediately after the crash."

Still, Zaccardo says many people take Albany Street to avoid traffic on Central Avenue, and the volume of cars combined with high rate of speed and a residential area - is a recipe for tragedy.

"You do see a lot of people taking the shortcuts and they come through the side streets and stuff like that so its a little quicker. It'd be nice to have some sidewalks or something like that on this portion of it because there's two developments, so it'd be a little easier for riding your bike, walking, getting off the bus. Maybe this is something the town will take a look at."

Police say Dunlap is in critical but stable condition at Albany Medical Center.

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