Community gathers to mourn murder victims


TROY -- CBS6 has been working to learn more about the four victims who police say were found dead Tuesday afternoon in their apartment on 2nd Ave.

A number of people who knew the victims of this tragedy gathered at the Troy Boys and Girls Club on Wednesday, thankful for each other to lean on. With a few more details coming out in the afternoon, we were told emotions were much too high for loved ones to speak about the incident.

Program coordinators opened the Boys and Girls Club up to create a place where those close to the victims could come and channel their grief. People inside learned much of what they now know for the first time Wednesday from police during an afternoon press conference.

A grief counselor was on hand, who said the family is not ready to talk about what happened. The young boy whose death is being investigated came to the club for many activities.

"He was very coachable, lovable, all of those things I was his Troy city Little League coach and I was also his basketball coach, and whatever can be done I'm praying will be done to make sure that this thing is certainly brought to justice swiftly," Frank Mayben, Jr., said,

Many are going to try to get together again over the next couple of days, with school being off this week. They say they want to give classmates of the children time and space to grieve with each other as the school normally would.

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