Congresswoman Stefanik Reasserts Support of Trump at Debate

After dodging CBS6 calls and emails for weeks, Congresswoman Elise Stefanik finally answered the question we've asked her repeatedly: Do you still support Donald Trump for president?

She replied, "I'm supporting my party's nominee but I'll continue being an independent voice for the district and critical when I disagree with both."

But that was the only question Stefanik would answer, as she immediately took off from our camera after Monday's congressional debate for New York's 21st district. The Republican incumbent is running against Democrat Mike Derrick and Green Party candidate Matt Funiciello.

"There's only one woman in the north east of our United States that is a federal elected official who still supports Donald trump and that's Elise Stefanik," Derrick said.

We've asked Stefanik to comment on her support for the GOP candidate several times in the wake of multiple scandals Trump is facing. At tonight's debate, Derrick tried his hand at holding Stefanik's feet to the fire.

"He would be a threat to national security, he has insulted gold star mothers, and you all know who they are and what that means. How can she be for veterans and soldiers and still support Donald trump?" Derrick said.

Stefanik countered, "I spoke out against that as I have many of the statements made by the republican nominee. I think we need an independent voice when it comes to this district."

Meanwhile, Funiciello called out both candidates sharing the stage with him.

"Mike's whole campaign seems to be about whether Elise supports Trump or not. Mike, why do you support Hillary Clinton? That's just as disgusting. Don't let Mike fool you with the republican and green nonsense about working together. I'm not happy with Elise or him," Funiciello said.

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