County Executive McCoy bans nicotine products from being sold in Albany County Pharmacies


ALBANY, NY (WRGB) Cigarettes will no longer be sold in pharmacies and stores with pharmacies, according to a new law signed by Albany County Executive Daniel McCoy.

“This is an important piece of legislation that will improve the health and the lives of Albany County residents,” said County Executive McCoy.

McCoy says this bill is an improvement to the previous version of the bill, which he says lacked enforcement. The new bill could mean fines of $500 for businesses found in violation.

“Tobacco and pharmacies simply don’t mix. Albany County residents visit pharmacies for medications and advice that will improve their health, including quitting smoking. It makes it more difficult for a smoker to quit, when he or she is at a pharmacy to get a prescription and they see tobacco being sold,” said Julie Hart, American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network New York government relations director. “We would like to thank Albany County Executive McCoy for standing up to big tobacco and putting the health of residents first.”

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