County lawmaker, former reporter remembers interviews with George H.W. Bush

Mark Grimm

Before he was an Albany County legislator, Mark Grimm was a local television reporter in Maine when then-president George H. W. Bush was campaigning in New Hampshire.

"We had a big audience in New Hampshire, so the politicians are dying to get on New Hampshire television," Grimm said.

Grimm remembers one assignment where he saw Bush at a New Hampshire prep school. His reporter instincts kicked in.

"We weren't supposed to ask any questions. So he was just standing there I went over to ask him some questions. No one was around him. You'd think there'd be people around when the president of the United States was there. He was standing there alone,” Grimm said.

He would interview Bush 41 on television again, where he'll never forget asking the president about breaking his biggest vow to voters.

"Read my lips, no new taxes," Bush infamously said during his RNC speech in 1988.

"You raised taxes later, why should people vote for you in '92? It was a pretty direct question,” Grimm said about his interview.

“He (Bush) says well when you've got Social Security payments you've got to meet, you've got troops around the world that need your support, sometimes you have to do things you don't want to do,” Grimm said.

Bush would not be re-elected after that. But Grimm said his answer that day felt genuine and honest - something Grimm says is hard to find in politics today.

"If you compare, the civility that he represented and the incivility that we see in politics today, it's quite a stark contrast,” Grimm said.

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