Coxsackie couple fed up with sewage water in basement


    COXSACKIE, N.Y. (WRGB) - A couple in Coxsackie says they're tired of dirty water taking over their basement.

    "It's unpleasant, to say the least," Howard Raver said.

    Imagine walking down into your basement to do laundry - and stepping into a pretty stinky situation.

    "There's water filling up all over the place, sewer water," Howard said.

    Howard and Kelly Raver say this is an issue they've faced before.

    "About 8 or 9 years ago, it was up to about here," Howard showed us.

    It's all cleaned up today, but last night they saw just about an inch of water. They say it's now started to seep up through cracks in their basement floor.

    "I'm just tired of this happening," Kelly said.

    The cause, they've been told, is the same every time:

    "Turned out there was a sewer manhole just down the street that was clogged," Howard said.

    A backup, caused by roots of a tree growing into old pipes.

    "That particular house has had an issue for probably 40 years," said Coxsackie Mayor Mark Evans.

    CBS6 spoke with Evans over the phone.

    "If you have a backup like that, it gets to the point where he homeowner actually needs to put in a one-way valve," Evans said.

    But the Ravers say three different plumbers told them the pipes are too old to do that. Evans says a total replacement of the pipes would certainly cost the village money.

    "The pricing is roughly a million dollars a mile to replace water or sewer line," he said.

    He says the village does have a water project coming up in a year or two, so this may be a problem that will be addressed.

    "I'd like them to fix the pipe, once and for all," Kelly Raver said. "If they need to replace it then replace it, and if they need to tear down a tree or whatever they have to do, just get this done, once and for all."

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