David Mennillo to hang up mailbag after 40 years

David Mennillo, who will soon retire as a mailman after 40 years, shows a caricature drawn by one of his postal customers.

NISKAYUNA -- To the people on his route, David Mennillo is more than just the mailman; he’s family. So when he announced he’d be retiring after 40 years, they started thanking him.

“This was given to me by one of my customers.” Mennillo says as he holds up a caricature of himself delivering mail. “He had seen me with a Fitbit and was constantly asking, ‘Dave! How many steps do you take a day?’ He said I’m going to crunch some numbers and came up with these numbers that said I’ve walked around the world 4.8 times.”

Mennillo has been delivering mail 5-days a week to 325 households in Niskayuna since 1977. His first day on the job Jimmy Carter was President, Marvin Gaye topped the charts, and gas was only 65 cents a gallon.

“I’ve just met so many nice people.” Mennillo says. “Watched their whole lives. Good times, bad times. Watched kids grow up. Got to school, graduate. Go to college, graduated. Marriages. And even the bad times, people passing away.”

He’s retiring to spend more time with his grandchildren – but more importantly to care for his wife, Susan, who is suffering from a rare lung disease called Lymphangioleiomyomatosis, or LAM.

“Some days I am good, like today I’m good. Other days I can’t breathe. I wear oxygen.” Susan says.

When asked what the worst snow storm was that he ever worked in, Mennillo couldn’t remember – in fact, he says rain is the worst weather to be a mailman in.

“It’s just miserable.” He says. “I don’t understand how they can put a man on the Moon but can’t make a good raincoat to keep us dry.”

Mennillo’s last day on the job is June 30th. 40 years of dedicated service, CBS6 wishes you the best. Congratulations, David!!

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