Decades-old bowling alley in Albany closes doors for good


ALBANY -- It may be one of the last times that manager Mike Lucey will ever turn the lights on at the Playdium bowling alley on Ontario Street. Last night, the alley finished up its final frame.

"Last night was our last night of business,” Lucey told a caller.

Lucey say it's the last bowling alley left in Albany, after first opening in the 1940s. He's worked here for close to 50 years. And he says the alley's closing because the bowling market isn't as strong as it once was.

"I guess it's just an era gone by,” says Richard Stevens, a former patron.

Stevens says he was first introduced to bowling at that alley, and spent many Saturday mornings playing in leagues. But now he bowls in alleys outside the city. He says the clientele just started to look elsewhere for a good bowl.

"The building isn't what it used to be, and change is change," Stevens says.

Managers will spend the next few weeks selling items as they prepare to tear down the building. An apartment complex will take its place. There will be an auction for the items on April 14th.

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