Safety concerns grow at North Greenbush apartment complex


NORTH GREENBUSH, N.Y. (WRGB) - A viewer reached out to CBS 6 after a deck collapsed at a North Greenbush apartment complex. We sent our Sky Eye 6 up to show the numerous units impacted. Balconies and garages remain blocked off.

We obtained a letter that Oak Hill Apartment management sent to some residents. It reveals 45 units are impacted. It says is it’s an emergency order and people in those units can’t access balconies or garages until they’re deemed safe.

The picture of a collapsed balcony was sent by a viewer who wants to remain anonymous. You can see in another picture what appears to be rotting wood.

Another resident, who also doesn’t want to reveal her identity, says even though her balcony isn’t boarded off, she’s taking precautions.

“We’re very concerned," she said. "A lot of us are. I won’t let my kids out on the balconies, because even though they say ours are safe, I’m very concerned that they’re not telling us everything.”

She claims they’ve had other problems that haven’t been promptly dealt with.

Mike Miner, a building inspector for the town of North Greenbush, says they inspected every unit, and that some beams are a concern.

“We actually went around and drilled holes up into all those beams to see whether those beams were still solid or if they had a little sponginess to them,” said Miner.

Miner says his office was contacted September 7 and was out immediately doing inspections. He says the complex was built 15 years ago and says there could be several reasons why the beams rotted.

“I think that’s the case. Water got into some of those beams and once the water was in it was trapped in there and they started to deteriorate,” said Miner.

Residents say they’re also concerned about blocked off utility rooms. Miner says they’ve been informed, and will check them. But he believes the fire department would still have access.

The building inspector says they won’t allow use of the boarded up areas until a structural engineer hired by the apartment says it is safe. He says he thinks they will be getting permits to build some new balconies, maybe using metal this times

The management company refused comment.

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