Woman surprised by marijuana delivery

    Pamela Marks of Valatie says that she received marijuana, not the children's' toys she was expecting.

    VALATIE, NY -- Pamela Marks writes a blog where she posts reviews of children's toys and clothes. For the past two year companies have shipped items to Marks. All of those deliveries were without incident until last Thursday.

    Marks was expecting a delivery from a California based toy company, but when she opened the package it wasn't a toy -- it was marijuana. And according to the Columbia County Sheriff's Department, it was about seven pounds of marijuana.

    "I've done tons of reviews, this is the first time that I have gotten a package like this; I was quite surprised," Mrs. Marks said.

    A spokesman in the Columbia County Sheriff's Department says the agency confiscated the drugs and is investigating. The package containing the marijuana was shipped from JAKKS Pacific, a publicly traded company with annual sales in the hundreds of millions of dollars. The company did respond to an email request for comment, nor did they return our phone calls.

    Marks says she has been writing her review blog for two years and gets 22,000 hits per month. In the hundreds of packages she has received over the last two years this one has left her scratching her head. "It's very bizarre, anybody who knows me, knows I don't drink, I don't smoke, I don't do drugs, so for me to get this package was totally one in a million," Mrs. Marks said.

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