Citizens urged to check lake conditions before driving on them

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    CAPITAL REGION - (WRGB) - People are warned to watch the conditions of lakes before they drive on them, but every season we hear about cars going under.

    The Warren County Sheriff’s office says they’ve already had three this year on Lake George, and that’s just one lake.

    Two weekends ago a recovery team in Saratoga County pulled a truck out of Saratoga Lake. CBS 6 is told that when it went through the ice, people were inside and they had to escape through the windows.

    Ed Miron is a diver that went under to help recover the truck. He says they hit a pressure ridge, and that’s what caused them to go through the ice. That means there was thick ice on one side and thin on the other.

    “Under the ice there is a lot of safety that’s required, so you have to take your time. There’s always a risk anytime you are going under the ice in these types of conditions,” said Miron.

    He sent pictures. In one he says he is going under to attach inflatable lift bags that help bring vehicles to the surface.

    Kurt Riley, store manager of WaterHorse Adventures in Glens Falls, shows us a lift bag that’s used to recover vehicles from ice. Riley is also a specially certified diver for recoveries. He says ice is unpredictable, especially with the weather we’ve been having.

    “It’s been melting and thawing and freezing and then re-melting. And that really makes it a hazard for being on the ice,” said Riley.

    Attempting recovery, they have to do a dive first to survey the situation, then decide on which equipment to use and how and where they’re going to lift the vehicle.

    “So there’s some precautions you have to take. And there is a lot of equipment that’s involved for this type of recovery,” said Miron.

    When a vehicle goes through the water. The DEC is the law authority that handles the situation, they can also issue tickets and fines.

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