Family mourns MSgt. Rudolph Seabron, killed in hit-and-run crash

MSgt. Rudolph Seabron

"He taught me how to drive, he taught me how to ride a bike, I'm a cop and a former marine because of my brother," said Jon Seabron.

Growing up, Seabron says Rudy was his big brother, his friend, and his hero. As an adult, he says Master Sgt Rudolph Seabron became one of our country's heroes - serving first with the United States Marines, and then the New York National Guard. He did combat tours in Afghanisfan, Iraq, and Kuwait.

"He came back unscathed. He came back here to our family in one piece and it's a shame that this guy's actions took my brother away," Seabron said.

While in Latham for a military drill, the 57 year old Rome, New York native was killed in a hit and run crash. His brother says he was in Florida when he got the call.

"As a police officer, hundreds of times I've made that call, and never in a million years did I think it was going to be me."

33 year old Brian Tromans turned himself in to police this week and was charged with leaving the scene of a fatal accident without reporting it.

Seabron said Tromans "made some choices that night that affected not only him, but me and my family, and his family."

Now Seabron says he hopes to get justice for his hero.

"I think it's deplorable that this guy did what he did and is trying to make it out as just a plain old accident. I would want him to know that the person that he hit was a human being, a father, a brother, and a really, really good guy. I'm going to like this world a whole lot less with him gone."

A wake is being held for Master Sgt. Seabron tonight. Family members will lay him to rest Saturday.

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