Family seeks answers in Cohoes teen's shooting death

Johni Dunia

The family of 17 year-old Johni Dunia is still looking for answers after police ruled his death a homicide on Saturday.

"I'm quite sure there is someone who killed my son. And I have to know that person," said Marceline Dunia, Johni's mother.

His family sat down with CBS6 on Saturday.

Police say the 17 year old Albany High School student was shot on the southern end of the bike path parallel to Central Avenue on Friday. Police haven't said if an arrest has been made, or if there are any suspects. Mayor Shawn Morse wouldn't talk about that either, but says the public shouldn't be worried, and that crimes like this are are rare.

"That doesn't happen in Cohoes. We have safe streets, I've walked 'em at one two in the morning, and I see people that tell me that the streets are safe," Morse said.

Dunia's family members told us Sunday they haven't learned any new information from police.

They hope they can get closure from the findings.

"I've already lost my son. He will never come back."

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