Family speaks out after death of Greene County inmate


    "You know, when your child goes to prison, it's bad enough, and you expect your child to come back home again,” said Delmus Tanner’s aunt.

    Tanner’s aunt wants to remain anonymous.

    She says he was an inmate at Greene Correctional Facility when his mother got a devastating phone call.

    "Stating that her son was on life support,” she said.

    Tanner's aunt says he died in the hospital on November 13th.

    His death certificate shows he died from strangulation.

    Tanner’s aunt says the recent death of Anthony Myrie at the prison stirred up a mix of emotions for her family.

    The circumstances are similar. Myrie's family says the 24-year-old's wife was notified that he was in critical condition, and then he was dead, with no futher explanation.

    But while Myrie's death has received national attention, Tanner's aunt says his death appeared to be ignored.

    "It just made my sister feel like her son was a nobody,” she said.

    She says the 38-year-old from western New York had three young children.

    She says he was sentenced on drug charges, but was working hard to improve himself and return to his family.

    "Yeah, he's done bad things, but he didn't deserve a life sentence over it," she said.

    The state Department of Corrections and Community Supervision released a statement saying “Due to ongoing investigations by both the Department and New York State Police, DOCCS has no comment.”

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