Family still looking for answers one year after son's death


TROY, N.Y. (WRGB) - Raolik Walls was a recovering addict in the last stage of his rehabilitation when he signed into the Hudson Mohawk Recovery Center’s Supportive Living Progam on November 30th 2017.

A year ago today - just four days after arriving - he walked out of a group meeting and was never seen alive again.

His family frantically checked morgues and hospitals and begged for information on social media. Troy police investigated.

Tragically, 27-year-old Raolik Walls was found - or more precisely, his body was found 37 days later - in his room at Hudson Mohawk Recovery Center. He had never left.

The family was originally told he had left the facility and sneaked back in, but cellphone video showed the room filled with all of Raolik’s belongings - room keys in his pocket.

Police say a staff member reported Raolik had left because he mistakenly checked the wrong room. The family's attorney questions whether the young man's life could have been saved had he been discovered sooner. And so the family waits for answers on the one year anniversary of his death, looking for closure, but so far none has arrived.

The State Justice Center oversees Hudson Mohawk Supportive Living and has been working on a report since Raolik’s body was discovered. They sent this statement to Liz Bishop:

"The Justice Center continues to have an open and active investigation into the death of Mr. Walls. The agency is working to ensure every investigatory avenue has been pursued. This comprehensive review involves investigations of any systemic failures that may have contributed to Mr. Walls' death as well as consultations with external experts. The Justice Center understands the importance of bringing closure to the Walls family."

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