Father of Parkland student visits Capital Region


ALBANY, N.Y. (WRGB) - Florida's governor is expected to suspend the Broward County sheriff, the law enforcement officer who led the response to the Parkland shooting.

Andy Klein's daughter went to Stoneman Douglas High School. Luckily, she was not in the building at the time when the shooting happened.

Klein was in the Capital Region on Friday. He told CBS 6 this action by Florida's governor is a key step toward accountability after that horrific tragedy

“There were so many breakdowns, both on the day of the shooting at the school and in the months and even years leading up to that that were mishandled,” he said. “Even at the FBI as well.”

As New York prepares to look at gun control legislation, specifically a red flag law, Klein said he doesn’t know the specifics of the proposal but shared this:

“I will say generally that you have to balance people's rights,” Klein said. “There's a right to gun ownership you don't want to deny law abiding citizens the right to have their firearm. At the same time, if there is a troubled individual who has firearms, you need to have the authority to take those away.”

He thinks talking about hardening school security, using technology to keep people safe and sharing information between local, state and federal agencies are also important pieces.

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