Fire crews battle morning house fire in Niskayuna


UPDATE: Chief Dale Lingenfelter said the home at 1045 Van Atwerp Road would require extensive work before the homeowner could possibly return.

The chief says the fire began at the rear of the house and traveled up to the attic, and the house currently does not have a roof.

He said cold conditions made surfaces slippery, and caused equipment to freeze up, slowing the effort to control the fire. He said crews mainly attacked the fire from outside.

The cause is undetermined at this time and remains under investigation, but the chief said they suspect it may be electrical in nature.

He reminded community members to be careful when using portable heating devices, and to avoid using extension cords to power electric ones.

NISKAYUNA -- Firefighters say they were called to a house fire around 6:00 Saturday morning in Niskayuna on Van Antwerp Road.

Firefighters say it took several hours to get the fire out because the bitter cold.

CBS 6 brought you live to the scene Saturday morning around 7:30, where you could see smoke filling the sky.

Fire crews say the homeowner is currently being treated for burns at Albany Medical Center.

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