Firefighters rally around colleague fighting septic shock


Josh Woodward, 33, fights fires for a living at the Albany Airport Fire Department. He lives to save lives. Now, he's fighting for his own life, after a infection put him in septic shock and in the ICU at St. Peter's Hospital.

Before he worked for the Albany Airport Fire Department he was a volunteer firefighter at the North Bethlehem Fire Department. Assistant chief Paul Fuino says Woodward personifies the traits every firefighter should have.

"You have to have compassion, you have to have courage, and you certainly have to care about humanity, and I think Josh sums it up by being someone who's like that."

Before North Bethlehem, Woodward also served as a volunteer at the Guilderland Fire Department. This is where his old locker was. Station administrator Bryan Fort served with him for four years. His fellow firefighters say that tough times like this bring out the brotherhood that they'll always have.

"Keep fighting. You're gonna get there and we will sit down and chat soon," Fort said. "You're here for us when that bell rings, and we're gonna be here for you."

We're told a firefighter will be with Josh's family at the hospital at all times.

There's also been a GoFundMe page set up for him by a family friend.

They've already raised more than $30,000 for his family.

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