Firefighters responding to fire at Canaan Congregational Church

Firefighters are responding to a fire at the Canaan Congregational Church on County Route 5.

CANAAN, NY (WRGB) - Firefighters are on the scene of a fire at the Canaan Congregational Church on County Route 5.

According to the Canaan Fire Chief, the fire happened between 5:00 a.m. and 5:30 a.m. He said when firefighters arrived, they found smoke coming out of the front doors.

Canaan Fire Chief Bill Wallace says it was a tough fire to fight. Flames and smoke billowed out of the old bell tower.

Multiple Departments had tankers and ladder trucks on scene, and used water and foam to fight the fire.

The fire chief said no one was inside the church at the time of the fire.

Members of the congregation stood on the front lawn, watching the firefighters with tears in their eyes. The building dates back to 1829. Community members say the church was the centerpiece of the community.

"I've just loved it from the start, it's a community," Jay Aronson, a member of the congregation, said.

"It's the very definition of people caring for each other." Deacon Bill O'Neill said. "We've got over 200 years of history behind us to propel us forward."

There's been no word yet on where or how the fire started.

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