Flu shots urged as cases skyrocket


CAPITAL REGION -- We spoke with a nurse practitioner who says she's already seen plenty of flu cases this year -- patients coming in with severe fevers above 100 -- and she says this year's vaccine wasn't a good prediction of the virus.

"This year the flu season is actually pretty bad. The CDC says that there's been widespread activity in 46 states," said , Nurse Practitioner Ashleigh Holmes.

And New York is no exception.

Holmes is a Nurse Practioner at St. Peter's Internal Medicine in Albany.

"We're actually seeing a lot in this office, I've seen it quite a few times with really high fevers and people just feeling bad, not being able to get out of bed."

She says this flu season is more severe than years past, in part because of the vaccine.

"Each year they kind of predict what the flu virus will be like so each flu vaccine is actually a prediction and this year it wasn't quite a good prediction."

Though Holmes still recommends getting the shot every year.

"Because it can actually reduce the severity of symptoms."

And she says those symptoms can last weeks.

"Usually the first 3-5 days are the worst in terms of the muscle aches and the fatigue and the fever and the headache but sometimes you can see the fatigue lingering for 2-3 weeks."

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