Fonda residents angry over brown water

MOHAWK -- Like most of us, Ron Stock expects to see clean water when he turns on the tap.

Imagine his surprise when he found dark water coming from every faucet in his home Monday morning.

"The water looked like you hooked your coffee maker to the faucet. It was that brown,” Stock explained.

Stock tells CBS 6 the water ran brown for hours, ruining filters throughout his house and staining his white sheets in his clothes washer.

It's not the first time. Stock and his neighbors say they’ve been dealing with dirty water for years.

“It's not new, but this week, it's as bad as it's ever been," explained Ed Bishop, Mohawk’s Town Supervisor.

Bishop lives near Stock’s home. He tells CBS 6 the Town of Mohawk gets much of its water from the Village of Fonda.

Bishop says algae building up at the village’s reservoir prompted crews to flush one of the lines Monday.

“When they flush the system, sediment rises, and they get dirty water,” he explained.

The deposits, mostly made up of iron, are just part of the problem.

Bill Peeler, Fonda's mayor, tells CBS 6 the pipes and water mains are aging. He maintains there’s just not enough money coming in to fix the system.

"If [you live in the Town of Mohawk and] you're not happy with your service, dig a well. That may be a better solution for you in the short term," Peeler exclaimed.

"Small municipalities need help, and it has to be something that's not clever and has substance and can really be worked with to accomplish what we need to accomplish,” he continued.

Peeler says he's open to suggestions from the public on how to tackle the issue.

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