For 150 special guests, a Night to Shine


"As these people walk down the red carpet, and they're told they're beautiful and handsome, they may not have ever experienced something like that," said Lorrie March.

"This is my first time at a dance!"

"They were saying 'Donnie! Donnie!' and cheering for me and all that."

With a Hollywood-style entrance, these kings and queens shine brighter than the stars.

They put on their finest formal wear, primped and prepped, and practiced their best moves to bust on the dance floor.

"I'm gonna dance until my legs pop!"

Friday, 150 guests got the prom of their lives. It was Colonie's first Night to Shine event, one of many around the world, sponsored by the Tim Tebow Foundation to celebrate people living with special needs.

Organizer Lorrie March says she was inspired to plan the prom by her 3-year-old son, Jeremiah.

"At his birth we were given a diagnosis of Down Syndrome. It catapulted us into a new community, and he has been the biggest blessing that we ever could have asked for and changed our perception about things," she said.

March says all of it, the corsages and boutonnières, the limo rides & photo booth, are meant to make each and every guest glow.

"I hope tonight every one of these people that are here knows that we love them and we think the world of them."

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