Former Niskayuna student charged in death of Penn State fraternity pledge

NISKAYUNA (WRGB) - A former Niskayuna student has been charged in the hazing death of Penn State student Timothy Piazza. Prosecutors says Piazza was forced to drink a dangerous amount of alcohol.

We've confirmed Brandon Becker, who graduated from Niskayuna high school in 2014, now faces multiple charges. CBS6 has reached out to his attorney, and is waiting to hear back.

Stacy Parks Miller, the district attorney handling Piazza's case, is accusing Becker of deleting newly-announced surveillance video from police. Becker was previously charged with tampering with evidence, a misdemeanor, but it was dismissed. Now with the new video evidence, the DA has re-filed that charge, along with obstructing justice, and hindering apprehension.

Police were told the cameras in part of the fraternity house weren't working. They've since realized the videos were actually deleted, and have now been restored.

The new video shows Piazza was given at least 18 drinks in less than 90 minutes. Video then shows him falling multiple times, including down a flight of stairs.

Twelve more men have been charged because of this new footage.

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