Authorities: Former prison escapee violates parole


SARATOGA SPRINGS, N.Y. (WRGB) - Saratoga Springs police arrested Joel O’Keefe Wednesday night around 5 p.m.

The State Division of Parole says O’Keefe violated his parole agreement by not notifying his parole officer and for having inappropriate interactions with the public. The agency couldn't expand on what that meant.

"It can mean a number of things, none of which are comfortable,” says Linda LeTendre of Saratoga Springs.

O'Keefe is the convicted felon that led state police on a manhunt for two weeks after escaping from custody in 1994.

Linda Letendre remembers the manpower used to track O’Keefe down.

"I remember that very well. There was quite a presence when they were looking for him,” LeTendre said.

The high profile parolee was originally living in argyle when he was released this March. After his arrest this week, police took him up to the Washington County Jail where's he's currently being held. LeTendre never thought he'd be arrested in her town.

"I figured he'd stay rural in Washington county I was surprised to learn he was in Saratoga springs," LeTendre said.

The Department of Corrections will now put O’Keefe through a hearing process to determine if they'll discipline him. For now, there's no word if he's facing any additional charges.

The Department of Corrections says they can revoke O’Keefe’s community supervision. That depends on how this hearing goes. If O’Keefe is returned to parole, the department will restrict where he can go.

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